As a native Clevelander, I have a strong connection to this amazing city. Cleveland is not only a great city to grow up in; it’s a great place to live as a young professional. What I’ve realized is that our city has over 4,000 bars and restaurants, a top 5 theater district, romantic neighborhoods, and amazing boutiques – if you look close enough, it’s amazing what you can find. Our Jewish community is seen, per capita, as one the strongest and most charitable next to glam cities like LA, New York, and Chicago; and our Cleveland Jewish culture is like none anywhere else. Cleveland is a vibrant city with some of the most incredible historical sites and places. My favorites include Geraci’s, Corky and Lenny’s, Progressive Field and Playhouse Square Theatre.

After graduating from Ohio University in 2009, I moved to Columbus. There I worked as an event planner in community recreation for over two years. While I enjoyed my time in Columbus, it never felt like home to me. The amount of young Jewish professionals in Columbus was significantly smaller than Cleveland. It was apparent to me that Cleveland had so much to offer. Moving back to Cleveland and being close to my friends and family is the best decision I have ever made.

The hope is that eventually, JCLE will become a platform for Jewish young adults in Cleveland. JCLE serves graduate students at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University as well as young professionals. As the JCLE Program Director, I hope to continue channeling my passion with the help of other young professionals in the community. JCLE is about providing a cultural environment for Jews to meet and form relationships to help maintain the togetherness of the community.

The best part about my job is getting the chance to meet new people and help them make meaningful connections.  Since JCLE started, this program has been responsible for so many friendships and relationships. It’s a great feeling to know that I can play a part in making friendships and relationships begin!

Cheers to Cleveland,

Andrea Weiser
Andrea Weiser